A Overview of Google Sniper 3.0

Introduction of Google Sniper and Me!

Hi, my name's Alex Jordan and I'm a google sniper affiliate marketer. 
We'll get to what that means (and the original introduction along with it) in a second... 

But first, I want to acknowledge that I'm no longer the only Sniper out there. 
In fact, thanks to the original Google Sniper, there's thousands of Snipers now. Many have quit their job thanks to nothing but this guide, many more are on the way, and many are earning $10,000+ a month, some much more. Doing nothing but what I'm about to show you. 

And I'm not going to lie, I'm a very proud young man because of that.
Google Sniper is my Partner, and it's a joy to be back here again teaching you both the original system and the changes I've made, inside this - the `master' manual. So I just want to say thank you to all of the original snipers, who bought my "1.0" course and changed their lives with it. And also hopefully bring some encouragement to any new snipers joining our ranks... 

Because Google Sniping works. 
The guide and the videos you've got access to right now, alone, has the ability to change your life. Just like all those stories of successful snipers before you. 

It's proven now; it's not just me making money... Everyone is doing it. And if you're new, you're in for a real treat. You've got an even better chance than them, because in today's World, and with my (and other Sniper's) research it's now way easier and more profitable than ever. 

And that's saying something about what's known unofficially as "the easiest, laziest and most profitable way to make money on the net today".

So, I hope you enjoy what follows, and please give it your all. Because there's magic in these pages...And maybe, just maybe, reading this will be a turning point for you. 

Okay. So what on earth is a "sniper" anyway? 
Well, I'm not in the armed forces or anything. No, I'm a Google Sniper. 

I `zoom in' on a niche within a niche, target a very specific subject and build a tiny 23 hour `website' dedicated to it. I target these markets and optimize my `sniper' websites with such precision, that Google is almost forced into giving me a high ranking... Meaning lots and lots of people will visit it. Free of charge. 

I don't try to create large 200 page so-called authority websites which take months of work to setup like everybody else (although I do have a couple), instead I create smaller individual sites. Sometimes they are even multiple sites within the same niche/market. It's a unique approach. 

A key point I also want to remind you (for those of you brand new) is that our Sniper `websites' are NOT built in the traditional way. And because of that- You do not need any technical knowledge at this point, you won't be doing any `coding' or anything like that- And each site or campaign, is only going to take you a few hours to setup. So, relax. I don't want any of these technical terms right now to seem complicated, and if they do, then don't worry, keep reading and they soon won't. 

Right. Let's move on. So, we're building tiny, easy to setup little `Sniper' sites that buck all the trends... Why do we build them in such a way? First of all, because it works, very well in fact. And secondly, for the advanced among you, it means you won't have to do any of the usual tedious work that's associated with creating SEO (Search engine optimization) based sites. That's right. You don't need to do any link building or endless content updating here. 

It's a kind of set and forget approach... You build the Sniper website once, and get a continuous flow of traffic to your site from Google (and how we turn that into the money that comes along with it, I'll explain later) for months, and even years to come in return.

Pretty sweet, right? 
It's possible because we've built an entire site around a single idea or keyword. Essentially, we're shoving so much of the same keyword or subject matter down Google's throat, and we've "shoved" it down there in such a strategic way, that they are almost forced into giving us a high ranking on page one - No matter how many backlinks we have. 

And most importantly, I've found that building five smaller sites is a hell of a lot quicker and a better use of time (more profitable) than building a single traditional site. But here's what's going to sound a little weird about the whole process... You might expect that you'd have to build hundreds of these tiny sites to make a good income online, but that's simply not the case. These sites don't make pennies. 

We'll leave the other niche marketers to fight over the low volume "garbage" keywords. We're building high traffic, high revenue sites here. In fact, I'd say my success rate of making a `successful site' (one that pulls in at least $300 a month) is about 85%. Because not only does Google sniping work ­ it works consistently. 

Truthfully, I've made what many would consider a lot of money online almost exclusively from repeating this exact process... and I don't have that many websites. 

An Overview of the course

  1. Finding a profitable opportunity (A market to get into and your specific product).
  2. Creating the foundations of our site ­ Getting a domain and installing wordpress/plugins. 
  3. How to write your sites content so that you get the maximum conversion rate you possibly can out of your site (preselling)
  4. How to optimize your site for complete domination of the search engine rankings.
  5. Everything you need to do with your affiliate links. Where to put them, how to cloak them and even what to say in them to get the most clicks.
  6. Finally, we're going to put all our knowledge into practice. Here's the step by step blueprint for creating your site, start to finish.
  7. How to gain some quick backlinks and get your site indexed fast.
  8. How to turn this one site into a 6 figure business.

How I recommend you take this course... 

I recommend that you take an afternoon out, and go through all the material the first time, videos `n all, just getting to getting to know the system. And then the second time, follow along as I do each step, actually creating your own site in the process ­ Referring back to the process maps if needed. And don't forget to use this manual as a reference! I've hyperlinked all the chapter headings to make it nice and easy for you to navigate to any areas you just want to read over again quickly in the future.

A personal note on Google Sniper... 

I've tried a lot of other stuff, I've bought a lot of internet marketing books and yeah, they did help me. But I wasn't really making any real money with the complicated `Guru' systems... In an age of pay per click, automated blogs, complicated blackhat tactics and social media marketing, many would consider my methods too simple. But I thought `it' (the system you see today), would still work and despite what a lot of people said, it did ­ like crazy. 

Now sure, this system's not perfect and just like every other method, it has got it flaws. Namely, the Google `sandbox' which means that sometimes Google doesn't allow your site to rank highly in the search results until it's a couple of months old ­ Don't worry about it though. The sandbox is just a temporary setback anyway, one that's shared by every SEO money making system. And it's beyond our control anyway.

I just wanted to be upfront in this course and leave nothing out. 

So, if something might pose a potential problem, I'll be telling you about it, rather than leaving you to discover it one day and wonder what the heck's going on! Anyway, 
I found that the courses that helped me the most were the specific ones. You know, the type which take you by the hand and show you step by step exactly how the owner had a lot of success. So, that's what I want to show you here. And yes, 

I really do use these methods, still. In fact, I'll be building yet another of my Google Sniper sites in a couple of days after writing this - I've found one heck of an opportunity in a certain Forex sub niche which shall remain nameless. Now, one last thing before we begin... 

A Warning... 

A lot of what I do and how I do it in this system... `bucks the trend'. And a lot of it just doesn't make any logical sense. Period. 
But I'm lazy, and like to cut corners where I can. This is quite a unique system and you may disagree with some of my teachings, so feel free to alter any bits you don't like (but make sure to email me if they work!). Finally, 

I just want to say a big thank you for joining this course. I've put a lot of thought into it, hoping to create a product which really delivered on all its promises. I hope you find the information that follows valuable. And all I can say is that Sniping has worked pretty damn well for me, and as long as you actually put it into action, I know that it will for you too.