Cashing in on personality Pre-Selling Concept

Cashing in on personality
Being unique is important. Especially on the internet where 95% of sites offer the same re-hashed information. Therefore, it is important that your website be seen as one of a kind, that this exact review or story isn't available ANYWHERE else ­ Therefore it's valuable.

We do this by giving our site a... personal touch. A personal feel will mean that your visitors trust you more and that you empathise with their situation. Now, the first thing you need to do is create your websites character.

Creating your character Your `character' is simple. 

Your character, across all of your websites, is going to be you. Now, if you're worried about privacy you can use a pen name, but the idea is that visitors feel like you're a real person. And who are you? If you've actually used the product then you're going to try and represent the average visitor to your site AFTER they found a solution to the problem. 

Essentially, you'll be identical in every way except for one small difference: That you'll no longer have that problem.

So, using the previous exercises talked about in `the basics', you should have a pretty good idea of who you're average visitor will be, what their fears and problems are and what they want. If you have not used the product, which is 90% of cases, it's simple too. 

You're still going to be yourself, the only difference is you're going to project yourself as an authority reviewer who understands the visitors problems. The concept behind this is so simple, and it's this...

When you want a review of the latest movie, you go to the perceived experts' right? You trust their opinion more than the average Joe at the local coffee shop. 

Well, that's exactly what you're going to be tapping into. And it's very powerful. The trick, and the amazing thing here, is that notice I said "perceived" expert... 

Because I mean really, who says the movie critics know any more than the average Joe? Really? After all, it's up to opinion whether the movie's good or not. All that matters is how you are perceived, even if you don't really consider yourself an editor of the NY times healthy lifestyle column just yet. So you are going to project yourself on your websites as an "authority" on the subject of review books, within that particular niche and others... 

It's a simple concept but a very powerful one, and the method I use on most of sites nowadays. 

Top tip: Don't be afraid to use the same name, either pen or real, across all of your sites, you'll get a lot of extra business credibility when a particularly curious visitor decides he doesn't believe you and types your name into Google only to discover it's true, you do have lots of other review websites! 

Finding a suitable picture A photo of you is a must. 

It instantly creates trust by putting a face to the writing. It brings your content alive and serves to create a stronger bond with the visitor. And most importantly, it increases conversions. 
I'll put a picture along with a Who am I? Subheading in the right hand side column of the website. Along with a brief description of who the creator of the site is. Make sure it's a picture of your face, as you don't have lots of room to work with. 

Don't go for professionally done photos. Nothing says I'm trying to sell you something like a perfectly crafted portrait shot. Go for one that doesn't look staged. It can be hard to find normal pictures that still make you look professional so you may need to do a little digging around on Facebook (always fun anyway). 
At the end of this chapter in the video I'll show you some examples of what kind of photo you want to avoid... Prepare to smile 

Create an About me page 

These pages get visited a lot more often than you think. I'd say that around one in five visitors will visit your about me page. But the good news is that by using Google analytics (website tracking software) I've found that very few visitors actually exit my site from the about me page. 

Which means that they are then returning to the main page after the about me page. Why is this important? Because it shows that the `about me' page helps to build your credibility with more curious visitors, while at the same time not distracting them from your real content, because most will return to it afterwards. 

Now, you're about me page doesn't have to be long. Just a short and concise article explaining who you are and why you made the site. 
If you've created a review site, then it's important to note your accomplishments (include the fact you have several review websites) because the visitor will be wondering why should I trust this guy? What makes him an authority on the subject? 

Be Likeable 

When you're writing your content try to sound like a friend. Particularly if you're creating a story because flawless copywriting would raise some eyebrows anyway ­ A 20 year old body builder wouldn't be expected to write like a Harvard graduate. 

People liking you is a big key to success online. If people like you then they're more likely to 

  1. Pay attention,
  2. Trust your opinion and 
  3. Ultimately buy whatever you're selling. 

So, make your about me page interesting, use metaphors in your writing, and talk to them like a friend. This is also ties into that if you want the high conversion rates (and who doesn't want more money?) then you need to stop selling. That is the merchants job. 

All you need to do is give an honest review or story, tell them how great you thought it was and provide a link. Do not at any point directly say things like: "Imagine in just 5 days from now, you could have lost 10 pounds just like I did". 

You don't need to say that because if you just say "I lost 10 pounds in 5 days" then the visitor will come to their own conclusion that... 

"Hey, she was no different than me, maybe I could lose 10 pounds in 5 days too." 

This is called soft selling, it's where you elude towards the benefits but let the visitor come to their own conclusion at the same time - Instead of shoving the selling points down their throat so to speak. And in my opinion, is the best way to not only presell products online (like we're doing here) but the best way to sell stuff full stop.