Concept of Preselling Online Products to Make Money

The Concept of Preselling
Preselling is an art. It is the art of not only getting your visitors to perform a certain action (click your affiliate link) but also to have a certain frame of mind when they do so. You want them interested, so ready to buy that they almost only need to skim the merchants sales page to be convinced.

Why is knowing how to presell important? 

Well, think about this: The ONLY thing separating a buying customer (one who clicks your affiliate link and buys) from a browsing one is YOUR CONTENT. Your words, your websites feel, your graphics and maybe even your video. 

If your content is good you might turn 1% of visitors to your site into a buying customer and if it's bad you might get 1 customer out of every 500 visitors. Seriously, that's not even an extreme example. I've seen guys get a lot worse than a 0.2 conversion rate and I've seen guys get a lot better than 1%. 

The point is that your preselling is very important and will have immense effect on how much money you make with online money making system. 

Now, I could write a whole book on preselling, (and I probably will in the future - so lookout for it!) but what I've done is try to condense all of that knowledge into a single chapter. So what follows is absolute gold. But first...

Why you should listen to me

Without tooting my own horn, I wanted to do a quick section about why you should listen to me when it comes to preselling. Because I think it's important that you have faith in the techniques you're going to learn. 

I mean, I know that I'd be much more likely to implement techniques if there was proof that they'd worked in the past. Now, I know you probably believe me anyway, but it's nice to have a bit of proof once in a while anyway, to really reinforce what I'm talking about.

These statistics represent the month of January 09 and show my three best converting Clickbank sites at the time. For those who aren't familiar with Clickbank's analytics page, the 4.5000 represents that for every 4.5 people who clicked my affiliate link, one bought the product. 

Pretty amazing when you think that the average conversion rate on the net is about 1/100. So, as you can see, while I do have my shortcomings, when it comes to preselling I really know my stuff. 

Note that a 20% conversion rate is rare (Only three of my sites achieve that ­ you can see two of them in the screenshot) but I wanted to show you what is possible if you master preselling. And the good news is that preselling's not hard. 
If you follow the guidelines set in this chapter then you'll be well on your way to achieving conversion rates like that too. IMPORTANT: Changes in 2.0 to the preselling technique. The next few paragraphs are just notes I've added in for 2.0. Okay, so in the original guide I taught people what was frankly, a bit of a "gung ho" way of doing it... 

Sure, it converted great, everyone made lots of money (and don't worry you still will). But the methods and writing techniques needed some editing in order to be in line with the new FTC (Federal Trade Commision) laws which came out shortly after I initially wrote this article. Make no mistake, today, these changes are a very important addition to Sniping. And it took me a long time to figure this new method of selling stuff out... 

Because in order to be 100% within the FTC's guidelines or pretty close (I'm not your lawyer here and this is not legal advice) conversions took a big hit! Frankly, it was very hard to get it back to those high converting numbers. And I was just about to give up, when one day this method hit me.

So, I'm proud to announce that the new way of selling things on your website is not only going to make you just as much money (sometimes its converted even better), but your empire is also going to be a lot safer. But hold on, 

why'd I go to all this trouble anyway? 

Who are the FTC and why should you care? The FTC or Federal Trade Commission is a US Government organisation that goes around essentially preventing false advertising and shutting down some of the bad businesses. 

This is, of course, a positive thing for the people of the World. I'm sure you've heard of all those internet "get rich quick" scams, well I'm talking about those guys... pyramid schemes and that kind of thing... 

NOT what we're doing. Affiliate marketing is nothing like that, and especially now, I believe we can truly add value to people's lives. But you should be aware of the FTC anyway, and their powers to shut websites down and businesses. 

HOWEVER- I also want to stress that this does not happen often, I mean, like lunar eclipse often and statistically, you'd have next to nothing to worry about anyway as they're much busier bringing down 8 figure a year business than little old you and I. 

This just really proofs up the whole process that little bit more  So here we go, here's how to create a high converting, 100% proof, money sucking, value adding wesite!

The Basics Preselling

The first step is to picture your average visitor. Ask questions like... Who are they? How old is the average searcher likely to be? How experienced is that audience with the internet? (this will affect the style of our site) Why are they searching for the keyword? Usually they have a problem and they want to find a solution. 

You need to identify what that problem is and all the negatives surrounding that problem. Using weight loss as an example: The main problem is that they're overweight and the negatives that stem from that might be: Social humiliation, not having a lot of confidence, not attracting the opposite sex e.t.c. And finally... Ignore this one at your peril...

What do they want? Is the visitor looking for a review? 

General information? A guide to solve their problem? Ignore this last point and your visitors will hit the back button faster than you can say WAAIIT. 

Seriously, you can use all the sales tactics in the world but if you don't give the searcher what they're looking for then your conversion rates will be dismal. If when looking at your visitor statistics, 80% or more are leaving in the first 10 seconds then that's your problem: They are looking for one thing and your website provides another. 

Internet users are impatient and if they don't find what they're looking for they will exit your site without hesitation. Remember that you need to provide quality content (answer their query) AND presell them at the same time. 

I recommend that you find a piece of paper and quickly jot down answers to all of the questions above. It will help you to understand your visitors better and therefore increase your conversions. All of these points are summed up in what is one of my favourite internet marketing phrases: "You need to enter the conversation that the searcher is having in his/her head". 

You need to enter the searchers mind, give them what they want, confirm their fears and present it all in a way they're familiar with (and not sceptical of). So, as promised, here's a practical example to back all of this theory up: The user types in to Google "XYZweightlossproduct Review". 

What's going on in their mind? They're very interested in the product but they want to find a high quality review before they purchase. 
Notice that I said HIGH QUALITY because give them the same crappy, biased review they've probably already read and they won't buy. 

They'll look somewhere else until they find a real review and end up clicking their affiliate link in the process. Also note that this user doesn't want a long story telling them about how you overcame your weight loss problem because they already want the product. 

Finally, they are probably a woman, over 30 and probably not THAT internet savvy so an unprofessional looking website will get a better response. Since they will be sceptical of a graphical, marketing type website and associate it with the BS infomercials on TV. So, here's what I'd give that searcher: A simple, OK looking blog, nothing too flashy and certainly not a professional website. 

I'd position myself as an expert E-course reviewer... Someone who buys Clickbank products in lots of different niches and reviews them, which when you have multiple sites is what you are anyway.

Then, I would immediately present them with an `in depth' and seemingly unbiased review of the best quality product you found on the market. (I recommend attaining review copy's from the creators, more on this in the video) In the review I'd get down to the `brass tacks' of how many pounds other successful students actually lost (look for testimonials on the sales page of the product). 

I'd give some negative comments and finish by saying how it's basically the best product I saw and that I saw A LOT. Those are the basics of our website. Now let's look at it in more detail.