How to Creating Your Apple Developer Account

About The Dreaded DUNS Number

OK so you've set up your business. An icky part of creating a business developer account with Apple is at least at the time I am writing this is they require a DUNS number to create the account. In my view, this requirement is fluff and kind of phony, but they require it so if you want to play in the app store you've got to have one. Guess what - a DUNS number is issued by a company called Dun & Bradstreet and while you can get one free, you're probably going to end up paying $500 to get one.

Deal with this before actually going to create your iTunes account for the business. To do it, visit this website:

Why will you probably end up paying for it? Well they allow you to get one for free, but it will take 4-5 weeks to get the number. If you pay for it you can get it right away. Seems scammy but that's the way it is. And if you're like me you're going to be anxious to create your Apple account.

Creating Your Developer Account

You are ready to create your Apple Developer Account when you have:

  1. Created your business
  2. Have a business checking account
  3. Have an EIN/Tax number to identify your business (do NOT use your personal SSN or Tax Number)
  4. Have a DUNS number
  5. Have a business website
  6. Have a business email address to use for your Apple ID (keep it separate from your personal Apple ID)
  7. Have $99-$200 to give Apple

You create your account here:

Bookmark the website. You're going to be using it a lot, to register new applications and get your certificates.

Why up to $200? Getting an iOS developers account costs $99, and it will allow you to submit iPhone/iPad apps to the store. But the savvy developer also creates Mac apps (see chapter 10 Reasons to Start Selling Mac Apps). Becoming a Mac developer requires a separate registration and registration fee. Once both are set up, however, you'll access your iOS and Mac stuff from the same account.

The last piece of the puzzle is itunes connect ( After registering, and being informed by email from Apple that your account is a go, you need to log into itunes connect to accept your contracts and setup banking information. It's here where you also create new apps (specifically the information that appears in the store, sales copy, screenshots etc.). You also use itunes connect to track your sales and downloads, and apps are submitted to itunes connect. Its also where you go to see if your app is waiting for review etc.

Your App and Business Strategy

Now you're ready to get started. You might have a great idea. Or maybe you're not sure how to proceed. What's the best way forward? The first thing to realize is that betting the farm on a single app is not a great idea. The app store gained some of its magical appeal with stories of people developing an app in their living room over 2-3 days and becoming instant millionaires. This created an all-or-nothing mystique that continues to swirl around the app store.

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