How to Find a Profitable Niche to Make Money

Finding a Profitable Opportunity (Market & Keywords)

First of all, we will be building our site around, almost exclusively, what's called a keyword. And not lots of keywords, but a single keyword. We build websites like this because it gives our site a very narrow, but razor sharp focus.

A keyword is simply the `phrase' someone types into Google when they are looking for something. I.e. When you type in `what's the best diet' or `hotel in Manhattan' or `football' into Google's search box. Or 'Windows 10 Hp Laptop' as you can see below:

Now, why ONE keyword, for the whole website? 

Remember, we want to do the least amount of Search engine optimization (SEO ­ AKA work to get us a high ranking in Google) possible and the way to do that is to be specific, VERY specific. Choosing a keyword to "snipe" is arguably the most important part of the whole "Affiliate Products" process... 

Choose the wrong keyword, and right off the bat you've limited your profitability or worse yet, set yourself up to make no money at all. Now, it doesn't matter what market or niche the keyword is in because with a couple of hour's research you can write about just about anything. I've got an acne site for example, despite (fortunately) never suffering from acne myself. No, what DOES matter is that it's a good keyword. Good isn't a very descriptive word, I know... 

I could've said profitable, but any keyword can be profitable. We want one that brings HIGH profits (not pennies) through a high volume of targeted `ready to buy' visitors. 

What attributes are we looking for in our main keyword?

  1. A niche you can monetize (make sure there's products related to the keyword). 
  2. A keyword you can monetize. 
  3. Anything that get's over 3,000 searches per month according to Google's keyword tool. 
  4. A level of competition we can compete with.

Now, let's look at each of these factors in more detail, because it's absolutely crucial that you can tell the difference between a keyword that meets one of our four attributes, and one that doesn't...

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