Scaling Your Website Into a $10k a Month Business with Google Sniper

I wanted to talk about taking the Google Sniper system and turning it into a $10,000 a month business ­ And how attainable that really is. We'll start off with what was a key realisation for me, but it's something that many marketers seem to forget. It is a simple concept, but a powerful one nonetheless...

The Biggest Secret of Super Affiliates

People talk a lot about the difference between a super affiliate (the top 1% of internet marketers) and an average affiliate (the remaining 99%)... Is it the system? Is it the JV partners? Is it the networking? Is it the ability to take "planned" action? 

And of course, truthfully, it is a combination of all of those plus many more. Particularly, the system people use to make their money is crucial, some are admittedly, MUCH more effective than others. But strangely enough, 

I think that the biggest difference is that super affiliates have the power to think BIG. They don't think about making a few thousand here and there, they think about making big money, on a day to day basis. 

And how do they do that? 
How do they make those MASSIVE commissions? 
First, they find out what works ­ What works best for them... then... 
They do more of the same in order to make more money. A simple concept, no? But profound nonetheless: Find out what works and then duplicate it. Let's look at it in more detail. Starting with the "finding what works" in the first place part... 

How many times have YOU started a project or bought a course, and FAILED to see it through? Either failed to take action in the first place, or FAILED to get over the first few hurdles? I know from personal experience. 

I tried dozens of different things before finally finding success with Google Sniper. I'd try a system, my first attempt wouldn't be successful and I'd just give up altogether. But I eventually found a system that worked, and I stuck to it. Up until this point, I've made 90% of my income online repeating the Google Sniper system. No networking, no sales copy writing, no list building, no adwords ­ Because I didn't have to. I just found something that worked and "stubbornly" did it over and over again. 

And you need to say to yourself one day, just like I did: "I'm really going to give this a shot. I am not going to quit until this freakin' system makes me some freakin' money ­ No matter what." Whether that system be Google Sniper or not (I sure hope it is), you need to find the BEST way of making money online in your eyes and make a REAL go of it. Never give up. 

And remember the Super affiliate secret: When you finally do make money, don't move onto something else. Do it again and again. Milk it for ALL ITS WORTH. 

Because to be a Super Affiliate you don't need to have your hand in all the cookie jars, so to speak. You don't need to be the jack of all trades. You can, and WILL be very successful just specializing in a single method. A method that works for you.

Stick at it

Now hopefully, the "method" you've decided on is Google Sniper. 

After all, to this day I still believe that it is the most effective way to make money online. So, I wanted to make a quick section to talk about what could go wrong, and how to deal with it. The first thing you need to realise, is that the system you see today is the result of hundreds of hours spent tweaking. 

Google Sniper in its original and most basic form was not particularly successful. Yes, my first site was very successful, and it has (and still does) make me a lot of money. But the second site wasn't. I underestimated the competition and didn't make it past page two on the search results. My next few sites were a mix of winners and losers. 

But I stuck at it. I could see the potential and frankly, was just elated to have finally found something that worked. Now, it's true that with the system as it now stands and my experience, that around 4 out of the 5 websites I make go on to be successful. But you can't expect results like that. 

You just can't. I've been as detailed as I could possibly be in this course but there are some aspects that you will only grasp with personal experience. There's no substitute for practice. A particular area to look out for will be competition. I tried to make my guidelines pretty detailed, but remember that this is something you'll need to practice and have firsthand experience with. Unless your experienced with SEO, it is quite possible that you'll get this part wrong on your first few sites. 

I'm sorry to seem all "doom and gloom" but you need to realise that it's just not realistic to buy a course, ANY course, and expect to have a 100% success rate on your first attempt. Saying that, I'm pretty sure that this is the easiest to `get' system out there right now. And providing you follow this guide, there's no reason why your first website shouldn't be a successful one. 

But don't give up if it's not. Give it another shot. Because there's inevitably some things that will go wrong the first time. Just try not to make the same mistake again!

A word on patience... You must be patient for your site to rank highly on Google. Sometimes you'll find your site in the top five within a few days. But sometimes it can take over three weeks. So, don't be worried if you're not put on page one straight away, you'll often climb through the rankings eventually. 

Also, while you're waiting for your first site to rank, build another, or several. There's no good reason to wait. You're not dependant on the first site in any way and creating another site is quick enough. The most I ever made was three sites in one day (by made I mean did everything up to part four). 

This was when I was earning a few thousand per month and really keen to expand, and expand quickly! By the way, all three of these sites turned out to be successful, and together they bring in over $1k every month still. Not bad for a day's work!

Scaling Google Sniper

Okay. So let's say you've got a successful website. It's pulling in a consistent $400 a month with no further work from you at all. What do you do now? The simple answer...? You build several more. You do more of what works (remember the Super Affiliate principle). And with Google Sniper it really can be that simple. 

You just build more sites. And as you build more not only will your income increase, but so will your experience, which in turn will increase your income once again, because as you practice you'll improve your overall success rate, your conversion rates etc!

The only limit is your imagination...

If I'm honest with you, I've kept it pretty simple up until this point. 99% of my sites are exactly as described in this guide, and when I wanted to make more money I'd just build MORE sites. It is only now that I'm really starting to experiment with the system... 

Because the real beauty of Google Sniper, is that there's no limit to what you can do with these sites. You've got so much traffic, that the only limit is your imagination. You could for example, build a list ­ If you can be consistent in marketing to them (I was always to lazy for email marketing). 

I mean sure, you'd have A LOT of different lists, but after awhile you'll probably have multiple sites within the same niche anyway, so you could have list for each niche. The point I'm trying to make, is that with so much Free, completely hands-off, and targeted traffic from Google, Sniper sites are the absolute perfect place to try stuff out.

$10,000 a month is Easy

Now that's a pretty bold statement. But it is. I wanted to do a section where I show you just how attainable $10k a month is, even just working a few hours per day. Maybe even less. Note: I hinted at this formula earlier on. 

Now, I'm being pretty conservative with the estimates here too... Let's say the average sites main keyword gets 3,000 searches a month. And let's say your fairly high up on page one and get 50% of that traffic. That's 1,500 visitors a month. 

Okay. Now let's assume that you also get 750 visitors a month for weird variations of that main keyword and the LSI Keywords. Let's also assume that 1% of the visitors that come to your site (you'll probably see closer to a 2-3% conversion rate) actually click your affiliate link and buy the product in question. 1% of 2,250 visitors = we'll say 23 buyers. 

And if we say that you earn a pretty average commission of $30 per sale for a Clickbank product, that means that that SINGLE, "couple of hours to make" site will make you = $690 a month, every month for the foreseeable future.

Okay, so that's already $690 a month for maybe 4 hours work (if it's your first go). So, if every site made $690 a month ­ Some will make a lot more and some will make less. 

You'd only need 15 of these Sniper sites to make $10k a month or $120,000 a year. That's a six figure salary. And if you follow this course step by step, and ultimately put it into action. I am completely confident that you WILL achieve that. That's how realistic it is. 

I make $10k a month, and I'm the laziest guy I know... Basically, if I can do it... You can too. Side note: I've detailed the entire process of "scaling" up your Google Sniper in something I've called the "Empire Module". And after checking out the bulletproof module in the members area, it's where you should head next. 

The empire module is a detailed module (it could literally be its own course) which covers from A-Z on how take your Sniping business to the next level. Be sure to check it out in the members area by clicking here.

Final word

And so my final word is this... Do it. I've laid the entire system out for you, and revealed every last detail. All you need to do now is actually put it into action. You really have no excuse. I know there's a lot of systems out there that are kind of complicated, or that require a lot of work/capital to start up (PPC springs to mind). 

But with Google Sniper you truly have no excuse. It costs pennies, takes just hours to set up and I've really covered everything you need to know down to the very last detail. All that's left now is to put what you've here learned into action. 

That, and make some money of course. And well, It's been quite a ride... But all good things must come to an end. I hope that you've enjoyed Google Sniper, I certainly enjoyed writing it. I wish you the absolute best of luck in your future internet marketing ventures, and remember that this isn't the end. There's a plethora of content waiting for you inside.