You need to Know before Submitting Apple Apps

One of the most stressful parts of running an app business for most people is dealing with the app submission process and Apple. However, its important to not let this get to you. Getting all worked up over a rejected app is a sign of immaturity not suitable to a successful business owner.

First a few facts. Apple controls the store and they run the show. Accept that and move on. Here is how it basically works.

  1. You submit an app uploading it with Xcode (or having your developer do that for you).
  2. If you've done everything correctly, it will change to Waiting For Review.
  3. The waiting for review step takes on average 7 days. Sometimes it goes faster, sometimes slower, but the 7 day rule is a good rule of thumb.
  4. Knowing that it takes 7 days, after your app goes into Waiting For Review, forget about it and move on to a new task. Fretting over when it will get reviewed is a complete waste of time and energy.

When an app goes In Review, it typically takes 8-10 hours. Sometimes it goes really fast, and sometimes it takes longer like 24 hours. Again, worrying about it is a waste of your time and energy.

When the review process is complete, you will receive an email. If your app was approved for sale, you will receive a notice that its Processing for the App Store. You will receive a second email a couple of hours later saying that the app is Ready for Sale. It takes some time (often up to a day) for the app to actually show up on the store. So don't waste time and energy continually checking the store to see if its there. If you're submitting a game app (which still has a new releases section), the app will show up in your developer's account app listing in the store before it shows up in new releases a few hours later. At that point, you're in business.