How to Make Money $25k Every Week Online with a Simple System

How Sending One Email Out to 119 Prospective Clients Got Me $25,000 in Signed Contracts Within 72 Hours

This is just the Step-By-Step plan I regularly execute and which recently brought in $25,000 from new clients in just 3 days. But I should at a minimum tell you about the skills I brought to this venture, and give you a very brief overview of what it is I did to make that kind of money. What I will be talking about is doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at a very low level (think Kindergarten, maybe first grade) for clients who are 
(1) in a business or profession that generates a lot of money, 
(2) maintains a big presence on the internet, and 
(3) is in desperate need of these kinds of services. Specifically, I target local area businesses (local meaning somewhere in the United States, but it will work anywhere there are businesses with a web presence) who already have a website, but who fail to show up within the first 20 results for their money keywords. If you have a website that is buried on Page 3 or deeper for your main keywords, you might as well be invisible. 

In fact, you ARE invisible to people who are looking for someone who provides your type of goods or services.

So what I do is make you VISIBLE by getting your site bumped up to Page One for one or more of your money keywords. As for the skills I bring to the table, let me say that I don t really have any to speak of. Since this entire program is built on a Linking Campaign, with a little article marketing thrown in later for good measure, I can safely say that anyone who is absolutely brand new to Internet Marketing can read this short manual, follow in my footsteps and generate a ton of new business in as little as a weekend. So having said all that, let s get started.
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How to Make $25k Every Week Online with a Simple System
How to Make Money $25k Every Week Online with a Simple System
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