Quick Way To Setup Your Wordpress Website

Wordpress has a lot of options and plugins, and it can easily be overwhelming.  
You don’t want to get swamped with all it all so here are some quick tips to get you started, and some plugins that you need.

And don’t worry – this may SEEM complicated but it’s actually extremely easy to do. Don’t be scared!

WordPress Options:

Settings->Privacy. Make sure your website is visible to search engines at all times.  While it may make sense to block Google etc during the “construction” phrase I’ve seen major problems when removing the block and trying to get reindexed.  Just leave the site open to search engines, and work quickly!

Settings->Permalinks. Change the URL to a custom structure, and use /%category%/%postname%/ as this will allow for SEO friendly URLs like yoursite.com/blackjack/strategy/ as opposed to yoursite.com/?p=001.

Settings->Permalinks:. Change the Category Base to ./ then click save.  Once you do that, only the . will remain there.  If you leave it as is, your Blackjack category URL will be yoursite.com/category/blackjack/ when you want it to be yoursite.com/blackjack/

Use Posts, Not Pages:. For the majority of your articles I would recommend using posts and not pages.  It organizes them into categories better, and I’ve always found that posts seem to get indexed a lot faster and have a better ping rate for the search engines.  Only use pages when you want to customize a category, for example: casinoanswers.com/blackjack/ is a custom page with the slug “blackjack”.

Settings->General. Make sure to fill in all your information there, and to use the “www.” in the WordPress & Site Address blocks.

That’s all the important things you need to do right now.  Now the necessary WordPress Plugins – I should note these are the plugins you need to have. 
Must-Have WordPress Plugins:

Google XML Sitemaps: Google XML Sitemaps is a phenomenal tool for SEO which generates sitemaps for your website, and allows search engines to access your full website via them.  It also updates the sitemap when you add new articles automatically.

Breadcrumb NavXT: Navigation with a hierarchical structure is important, both for the search engines and the visitors.  Breadcrumb structure is Home >> Blackjack >> Strategy as an example.

Permalink Trailing Slash Fixer: If you changed the category base above, right now the URL is yoursite.com/blackjack however install this to change it to yoursite.com/blackjack/
There are many, many more plugins for WordPress.  

Once you’ve got your site up and running and completed this step by step guide, you can browse the WordPress. However the above plugins are good enough for now. 

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