Understanding of SEO Basic Tips

You’re not going to become a search engine genius overnight, however you need to get started in the right way.  It’s very likely that you know very little to nothing about search engine optimization – and to succeed, you really need a lot.

Here’s the main tip: don’t sweat SEO.  The worst mistake you could do right now is to buy 50 SEO books and tools and spend weeks reading all about it.  Just know now that you’re going to go back and optimize your site, and that you’re going to make mistakes.  This is your first site; it’s meant to be that way!

Understanding of SEO Basic

So let’s not sweat SEO, but focus on a few key points for the pages that you’re going to be creating:

1. Use Subheadings.  That’s the <h> tags, like <h1>, <h2> and so on.  Be sure to use them to separate your content, and use in a natural manner.  If you have an article entitled “Full Tilt Poker Review” then use <h1>Full Tilt Poker Review</h1>.  Then categorize the review and use sub-headinds for that, for example: <h2>Full Tilt Poker Promotions</h2>.  If you want to mention a specific promotion, you can use <h3>Full Tilt Black Card VIP Program</h3>.

2. Search Engine Friendly URLs: Make sure all your website URLs are natural, have the keywords in them but aren’t stuffed, and represent a solid structure on your website. 

Wrong: YourPokerSite.com/Poker-Room-Reviews/Full-Tilt-Poker-Room-Review-Rakeback-Bonus/
Right: YourPokerSite.com/Reviews/Full-Tilt-Poker/
It is up to you whether or not you use hyphens, however be sure to categorize everything by using folders.

3. META Tags: Be sure to use good meta tags like the meta title, keywords and description.  Don’t ignore these.  While they are nowhere near as important as they used to be, they do still have some relevance with search engines.  Don’t keyword stuff here either.

4. Repeat Your Key Phrases: When you write an article, you should pick out a few key phrases and repeat them when it is natural to do so.  In a Full Tilt Poker Review, you want “Full Tilt Poker Review” to be mentioned numerous times on the page.  

You also should choose other phrases like “Full Tilt Poker Rakeback” or “Full Tilt Pro Players” and focus on increasing the usage of them in articles, optimizing for those keywords.

5. Use Alt Tags for your Images: People rely on image search engines more and more these days, and optimized images will help you on your way.
That’s all you need to get started when it comes to SEO. 

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