How to Become a Ghostwriter and Make Money Online


Many people decide that making money online is very easy to do. They try one idea after another, without giving anything time to work. Suddenly they find themselves in a crisis and wonder how they can earn that money quickly. It is amazing that people immediately give them this advice: write a report, articles or offer your services as a ghostwriter and you can earn money and quickly.

Become a Ghostwriter and Make Money Online

There are two major problems with that advice. 1. Nobody has asked the person if they can actually write something people will want to read. 2. Nobody has told them that it will be hard work, as writing takes time. Ghostwriting can make you a $100 a day, and once you are established you can earn even more if you apply yourself, but it will take time and effort to do it consistently.

What is a Ghostwriter?

People are often confused as to what a Ghostwriter is. It isn't everybody who writes, because many people write in their own name. Ghostwriting is a term we use online, and the assumption is made that people understand what it means. It might surprise you to know that many people both offline and online have no idea what a ghostwriter is and what they do. When I wrote my first book (offline) as a ghostwriter, I had lots of people showing surprise thinking I was writing "Ghost stories". 

had to explain that I wrote for an author, and that I had to take his ideas and thoughts and translate those into something people would want to buy in the local bookshop, and then go home and read it. A ghostwriter is someone who takes the ideas and thoughts of an author, and creates the book that the author wants. Normally offline, a ghostwriter will be given a lot of information, including a table of contents, but online this rarely happens.

What Skills does a Ghostwriter Need?

These skills should be the same for both online and offline, but the reality is, completely different. You see, many people online have a niche they are working in, and all they know is they need a book on a specific topic. It is often left to the ghostwriter to do all the research, and then write the relevant book. 

They will need to act as copy editor, proofreader as well as being the writer. For clarification a copy editor isn't the same as a copy writer, so don't think you have to write long sales letters, unless that is an area of writing you want to get involved in. Offline there will be a copy editor whose job it is to check the book for editorial errors. There will be a proofreader who will check the book for grammatical errors. 

The ghostwriter knows that at least two people will check their work before the author sees it for any other changes to be made. For writing online you need to have good communication skills, as your clients might not always explain clearly what they want written. You will then need to be able to do research, and know that it is accurate. 

Once the research is completed you are then ready to start writing. This is the difficult part because the person hiring you might have books and articles they have already written, and want your writing to be done in the same style. Once you have finished writing you will then need to proofread the work for both grammatical and spelling mistakes.

How to Become Ghostwrite

This is the question that a lot of people want to know the answers to. It is relatively easy to write a few articles and sell them as a package but to write good, quality articles, books and reports will take time. People generally don't give first time writers great assignments, they will give someone a small project to see how well they handle it, and then come back for more work. 

Let's look at this step by step to see what you need to do to earn $100 a day as a Ghostwriter. Before you start advertising your services either online or offline, you need to plan what you are going to be offering. 

1. Writing Your Plan 
a) Subjects you are prepared to write on. Here you should be deciding what subjects you are prepared to write about. There may be subjects that you want to exclude for personal and moral reasons and other subjects you have no knowledge of, and no desire to do any research in them. 

An example: Someone might ask you to write about cars, and even more specifically to write about 6 cylinder engine cars. You might be scratching your head wondering what that is all about, and decide you are not interested in the mechanics of a car, and wouldn't be able to write expertly on them. 

b) The Format of Your Writing Some people decide that they only want to write articles. You need to have decided initially what length articles, ebooks and reports you want to write. You should also decide if you want to write PLR (Private Label Rights) products which you will sell to a number of people, or to write unique content for one person. 

c) The Price of Your Writing This is always a difficult one when starting out as a ghostwriter.  Price yourself too low, and people will assume the writing is going to be of a low quality. If it isn't, then they will expect low prices all the time. Price it too high, and people won't buy from you. 

2. Write Samples If you haven't written before, then take some time out and write some samples.  You can write short articles of around 350 ­ 400 words and submit them to article directories. But you can also have them on your site ready for people to read. 

3. Pricing Your Writing This is easier to do than you might imagine. You have already decided on the type of writing you want to do, and now it is time to price that writing. 

I would recommend that you don't follow the crowd. I know a lady who wanted to establish herself as a writer and when I saw her work, it was excellent. She decided to offer to rewrite articles for $1. She was amazed at how many people signed up for her services, and within 24 hours she had over 300 articles to rewrite. $300 on her first day as a ghostwriter, but before you get too carried away, she still had all the work to do. 

Many people offer unique articles for $4 and they are again happy with 100 articles to write. They see the $400 and think this is wonderful, but again the work has to be done. How do you price your work, so that you make money, and don't kill yourself writing 18 hours a day?

I would say decide how many hours you want to work in a day. Be realistic, there is no point in saying 10 hours if you have a job which take 9 hours out of the day. You need to look at how long an article of 400 words would take you to write especially if you don't know the subject. 

For our calculations we are going to assume an article takes 30 minutes to write, which means you can write 2 articles in an hour, and these are going to be sold to one person only. If you sell your articles for $4 each, that means you are earning $8 an hour. In the UK that is below the legal minimum wage. What income would you like to earn in an hour? 

You might have a job where you are earning $20, and to match that you will need to charge $10 per article. When writing books and reports the rates are always higher. You need to include all the research you have to do before you can start to write. If you offer to write a 100 page book for $97 then you are going to be writing for less than a $2 per hour, if you can write 2 pages in an hour. We will look at ways to increase your income when you write smart.

Write Smart

An article whether it is for a PLR package or for one client has one thing in common, you have to do the same research and take the same time and care to write it. 

You might have decided that you only want to write unique content for clients, but I might change your mind now. 

We will continue to use 2 articles an hour for our write smart examples.A client asks you to write 10 articles for them, and you accept the assignment. It is a subject you know really well, and you are able to write good quality articles for them. These articles are going to take 5 hours to write. You have agreed to write for $10 an article which means you will earn $100. For 5 hours work you have earned $20 an hour. 

This in reality is all it needs to earn $100 for ghostwriting. But, there is the smart way. You decide to write the same articles because you know there is a hungry market for them. You have no clients asking you for work, so you don't even know when the first assignment will come in. You have decided to offer marketers a product they can't refuse. You are going to package these articles together and offer them for $5. I know, you are thinking, but I want to make money not give them away. We are talking here how to Write Smart, and this is what you have done. 

You decide that only 100 people will ever get your articles. You will be one of those people, so 99 sets are offered for sale. You sell all packages, because you have excellent samples, and it is a topic everybody wants. Now to do the sums, 99 x $5 = $495. 10 articles sold to 1 person = $100 is $20 an hour. 10 articles sold to 99 people = $495 is $99 an hour. Even if you sell 10 packages a day for 5 days, you will still be earning $99 a day. This is why PLR is far more beneficial financially to the writer than unique articles. 

The same is true with PLR books. It takes the same time and research to write a PLR book or report for 1 person as it does for you to sell as a PLR.

Finding Clients

The first writing I did online was for a niche website, which has a membership of over a million subscribers. I had been posting on their forum, when they contacted me and asked if I would write a short report for them. This report was just under 4,000 words and was written in the year 2000. In return they gave me free membership to the site, and that is until the year 2020. Membership is normally $20 per month, and I have been given a number of extras which people have to pay a supplement for. To date I have received $1,620 for a report that took me 4 hours to research and write. 

This was a great introduction into writing online. If you are part of a forum, then start to write great articles as posts. One problem with offering a free article to 10 people is only 10 people get to see the article. Put the article on the site and thousands potentially can see it. When I wanted to do more writing, I decided to put an offer in the Warrior Forum Joint Venture area. 

I said I was willing to write, and a well known person asked me to write a few articles for them. Now this is where you have to believe in yourself, and be honest about what you can and can't do. They asked me to write on a subject I knew nothing about. I knew I could research the topic, but this person is the expert in the field. 

If you want to know anything about the subject then you should go to him. I was honest and said, I could write the articles, but I know nothing on the subject. He kindly gave me a number of his books, and said I would find everything I needed in there. He was happy, knowing that I was honest about my limitations, and was even happier when the articles arrived. 

They were what he wanted, but there again, I had great research material. To increase my writing opportunities, I watched the Warrior Special Offer (WSO) area, and saw what people were buying. Different times, means different things sell. PLR books and articles may be hot today, and cold in a month's time, meaning they don't sell well. Always be aware of what the market is wanting. I wrote some articles on a subject I knew well. I offered PLR articles and they sold out.

Have a website

Have your own website or blog to advertise. Not only that but you can add in your own sample, and sell your packages from there. Always have a contact email address where people can contact you to write for them. Recently I received an email from someone, who asked if I could write an article for them. They said that they had written one, and it sucked. I looked at the article in question, and I had to agree with them. I wrote back and said yes, and when it could be written. 

Payment of $27 was received and an article of 600 words was written. Another person contacted me through my website, and they wanted a short report written each month. This has been ongoing for the past few months. A warrior asked me to write them a report, and I quoted them a price. They sent payment for more than the price quoted, because they had been to the website, and seen that I had prices for long articles. 

They wanted one added to the order, and paid for both products. People say you don't need a website, but I would disagree. If you don't have one, then you are relying on advertising your services to a small group of people. People find my website through the search engines, and also through my signature in forums. I also have the website URL shown on all emails I send.

In one day I can have orders for articles and reports directly from the website which will be more than $100.

Start Writing

The easiest thing to do is to sit back and do nothing, waiting for the orders to come in. When you write day after day, you will find your writing skills are being improved. You are looking to write good quality works. Some people say it doesn't matter what you write, because most people don't care about what they put on their sites. There is nothing further from the truth. 

Some people might not care what they have on their sites, but the majority are interested in having quality because they want people to keep coming back to their sites. Until you start writing, you have nothing to sell. Once you have started and have at least a package you can sell, then you can start to make money. Keep writing, because this way you will always have something to sell.

Receiving Payment

This is a subject which always causes a lot of debate. I can only tell you what I do. When I wrote for that first warrior, he paid me instantly the articles were received. There wasn't a problem, and I foolishly thought this would be the same for other people. I hadn't done any research, and I was contacted by 2 other warriors asking for work to be written. I did the work, and sent them the articles and no money was paid. 

I contacted them, and finally one paid. The other person said he didn't have any money. I then told him if he didn't pay, then he had no right to use the articles and I would sell them. These articles were in a hot niche, and I was confident that someone else would want them. Since that time, I have spoken to a number of writers and they have done the same thing, that is written articles with no money received upfront and then not received the money when the writing was completed. Now I recommend that a writer should either get a 50% deposit or 100% before any work is started.

Some people have been burnt while outsourcing by paying for a service and not getting what they paid for. It is up to each writer to see how much they want to trust people to pay, but I now have 100% paid in advance.


Research is a very important part of writing. This is again a case of Write Smart. A client asks you to write on a topic. You spend time researching the subject. I personally don't spend all my time reading other articles. I know that there is a group who says go to and get a number of articles on the subject. Using the information you have, then write it for a new article. Sorry there is one problem with that thought. Who is to say that the information is accurate? 

When you research a topic, you need to look at authority sites. For example, if you are researching a medical topic, then go to official medical sites. Let's say a client asks you to write on HIV. You go to various authority sites, and as you are researching, you find a lot of good information about HIV in Africa. If your client doesn't want articles on that topic, get a file for the other information and keep this one too, because you can write your own articles on HIV in Africa. Don't disregard any research because it isn't specifically on the subject your client has given you. At some stage you will be able to write about it for your own articles or reports.

Different Writing Packages

Now that you have the basics of being a ghostwriter, you will need to look at the different writing packages you will be offering and how you can achieve your $100 a day. Obviously the best way is to have multiple streams of income. One idea will give you money today, and tomorrow it might come from another idea.

1. Unique Articles

These are written for 1 person. Normally a person will give you keywords that they want included in the articles. Generally an article is between 350 ­ 400 words. Always have prices for long articles as some people will want long articles written. 

Some ideas for unique article writing.
  1. You can offer a package of 10 articles. Obviously you can have any number you want in the package, but you need to be realistic as you will need to write the articles.
  2. Offer an article a day for a month. You need to know how many articles a day you can write, and limit the number of packages you are going to offer. 
  3. Blog articles. Normally these are between 100 ­ 200 words. 
  4. Have your prices for single articles on your websites, as some people will come directly for a single article. 
  5. Write review articles on an affiliate product. Charge more for this as you will need to take time to know the product. 
  6. Autoresponder newsletters. Offer to write an autoresponder series for your clients. 
Never, ever use an article you write for a client as a sample without their written permission. Another thing you never do is use an article you write for a client, give to a second client, and hope they won't find out. 

2. PLR Articles 

Here you write a set of articles and decide how many sets you will sell and what price you will charge. You can write articles of any length you want, but ensure that all the articles are related. Don't rewrite an article, and then claim it is a brand new article. People will realize this and you will lose sales. 

However great the temptation, only sell the number of article packs you say on your sales page. If you are going to use the articles on your blog or website, then keep one set and sell one set less. When you decide to write PLR articles, you need to decide on the rights you are prepared to give with them. I normally give the following rights. 

[NO] Can be given away 
[NO] Can be packaged 
[NO] Can be offered as a bonus 
[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it. 
[YES] Can be used as web content 
[YES] Can be broken down into smaller articles 
[YES] Can be added to an eCourse or autoresponder as content 
[YES] Can be submitted to article directories (even YOURS) IF at least half is rewritten 
[NO] Can be added to paid membership sites 
[NO] Can be added to an ebook/PDF as content 
[NO] Can be offered through auction sites 
[NO] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights 
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights 

You have to consider whether you will allow people to add the articles to a membership site. I have offered some with that right, and some without that right. I ended up selling exactly the same number of packs. Some people offer resale rights, but you will find that less people will buy, because they know the cap will not be the number you set it at. Only by testing can you tell which is more profitable for you. 

3. Reports 

Many people look for short reports to put into their membership sites. This is a great way to write. I write many reports which are between 1800 and 2500 words and for that I will be paid from $100 - $150. 

4. Membership Sites 

I have a membership site where I write 1 ebook a week. The book is only 4,000 words, and the members receive it as a raw document. We have a cap of 100 members and the membership fee is $97 per month. This is a unique book that is written in house. It doesn't come from a wholesaler, so you won't find it on any other website but mine. 

As membership sites become more popular, people will be looking for content to add to them. As a ghostwriter you can offer the content on a regular basis. You might even set up your own membership site in a specific niche. The advantages of membership sites are that you will earn an income each month. 

5. PLR Books 

As we don't yet have 100 members at our membership site, we sell the ebooks to other people. We have them on our websites, and we often sell them via a WSO. We sell them for a reduced rate of $23 on the WSO, and $37 on our websites.

Delivery of Articles and Reports

When you write unique articles and reports it is easy to deliver them by email to the client. When you are selling your other writing, then you need to look at how you are delivering your products. When I tried an article a day, I wasn't sure how it would work out. I have 2 writers, myself and my husband who were doing the work. 

The clients knew this and were happy with the arrangement. As I thought about it, I realized that I would have more than the allotted articles completed by the end of the day. I had each of them signed up to Aweber, and then I was able to put in the relevant articles, and let them be sent automatically. 

As you create PLR packages of articles and ebooks, you will not want to deliver them manually. I find e-junkie is one of the best ways to deliver for me. They are a low cost shopping cart that charges $5 per month to deliver 10 different products. 

That isn't selling 10 products, but 10 different products. E-Junkie is compatible with eBay, PayPal and Google Checkout. E-junkie let's you add people into your autoresponder, cross promote items for sale, and let the products be instantly delivered once payment is made.

And Finally

As a ghostwriter you will be able to earn $100 a day from many different ways. You will be in control of the amount of work you accept, and what that work involves. One of the problems with ghostwriting is getting a passive income. You seem to spend all your time writing. I would recommend you look at ways you can generate more income for the same work. Write PLR instead of unique articles or books. 

When you have some spare time, keep writing, and then you will always have something new to offer. As you see your clients asking for the same niches to be written on, research and see why. See if there is another angle you can write on, and create a new product to sell. Always use your knowledge and research to produce products people want to use on their sites. As long as people have content sites there will always be a need for ghostwriters. Once you have become established, you will find 3 articles in a day will get you $100 or 1 short report will again give you $100.

When you are in need of some extra cash offer unique writing, put a twist on it, or offer a bargain price for 24 hours. When you do this you will always hit your target of $100 a day.

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