How to Create An MLM Marketing System

Here's the first way that I was able to build a large downline in one particular MLM company practically overnight. I have not seen anyone else using this particular method, so if you take this ball and run with it I'm quite confident you could duplicate my results.

I'll be honest with you... this system worked in a way that I didn't anticipate, and it worked BETTER than I even thought it would! When I first started working online, I was introduced to a few different MLM companies and thought they could be a good way to make some money. 

Unfortunately, the ones I was first introduced to were very popular and I was lost in the herd of people out there promoting the splash pages provided by the companies. So, having some html and design capabilities, I created some unique and eye-catching splash pages for myself and put them on the traffic exchanges instead. 

Nope, still didn't get a single downline member that way! I was going to have to be much more creative if I was going to attract people to my team. I started thinking that if I couldn't pull people into my downlines by promoting the companies themselves, then there were probably lots of other people out there having the same problem.

I realized that I needed to provide THOSE PEOPLE with a way to grow their teams. If I could do that then I would start to have a team of my own. So, I started jotting down ideas for a website that would give people a way to do just that. 

Here are the basics that I came up with:

1. The site was a downline builder, promoting a few "Endorsed" main MLM programs. These were the main programs that members would make money from. 
2. Membership to the site was free, but in order to be eligible for membership you were REQUIRED to join at least one of the Endorsed Programs under a current member of the site.
3. In addition to the Endorsed Programs, there was a section called "Marketing Resources." This section listed 7 other programs that members could join and then make money from by promoting the site. 
4. As a benefit of membership, you automatically received a copy of the website that you could brand with all of your own affiliate links for the various programs. You also received access to splash pages, advertising copy and training in ways to build out your team. 
5. There was also a team forum where we discussed strategies and developed a community approach to building our businesses. 
6. For the main site's URL, I had it rotate among all the members of the site. So, after I had obtained 50 "top level" members, all others that joined were placed under a current member. 
7. When I added a new program to the site, I would only send it to the top 50 members. They would join and then send their affiliate link to their downline.

So, you see what happened here....
I created a site that essentially had its own unique LOOK and BRAND. I positioned the site as a way to generate income in a friendly teammarketing setting. Members joined the site and then promoted it in order to build out their teams in the MLM programs I had selected for them to work with. 

Here was the best part... All I had to do to promote was place my website and splash pages on a few traffic exchanges. Once I had just a small membership, THEY took the ball and did the promoting for me. The downlines continued to grow and all I had to do was stay active in the forum and by email to keep people motivated! 

One important element that you would want to make sure to include very prominently in your advertising and copy is the fact that you will help people build out their downlines. Remember, MLM marketers WANT the easy way out. That is part of the mindset. You need to cater to that. 

Here is the splash page we were using that converted the best by far for the team (I left out the site's logo because promoting that site is not my intention in this guide).

Resindual Income Streams

See how simple it is? And it was 100% true too ­ because of the rotator function, I was always driving traffic to my members' sites. 

This simple little splash page did so well because it showed people that we had something they wanted: a system that they could join and then forget about that would promote for them! I mentioned above that this system ended up working in a way that I didn't anticipate, and it was far more successful than I even realized it would be. Here's that part of the story: 

When I first launched the site, I included two Endorsed Programs on it. Those two programs were very popular MLM programs at the time (let's call them Program A and Program B).

Remember, it was a requirement of the site that members join at least one of the programs somewhere in my downline. Well, there were literally thousands of people who were already members of either Program A or Program B, and they were all struggling to build their downlines. 

When someone who was in Program A saw my site and realized it could help them build their position in Program A, that person would sign up under me in Program B just so they could have the ability to use my site to promote their original position in Program A! 

So, what I created was a new market of people who had a reason to join Program B that had not even thought about joining Program B before. 

Now that's a way to build a downline! But it got even better... 

About a month after launch, it became apparent that we needed to add one more Endorsed Program to the lineup. Members were asking to able to build out one more main MLM program. So, I quickly searched for a suitable program. This time though, I selected one that was relatively new and not yet inundated with members. 

This worked like a charm! I sent an email to my 50 top level members. Almost all of them joined the program and then sent it "down the pipeline" to my entire membership. Within a week, almost ALL of my members had joined this new program and I had a huge downline in it! To this day, I am still enjoying significant income from including this one program on my site!

Putting This Method into Action

Developing a site like this will take you some work and an initial investment, but it is work that will certainly not go unrewarded. Unfortunately I don't have a nice out-of-the-box script you can purchase to set this up instantly. What I recommend is that you sit down and make bullet points for how you envision a site of this nature working. Use the bullet points I listed above to get you started. Then, go to either or and post a job for a programmer to implement your unique ideas. 

I used odesk and the entire job cost under $1000. For a programmer, this type of job is not overly complicated and you should be able to find someone who can do a great job for you. As of the writing of this article, I had never considered turning my script into a generic one you could buy in order to run this kind of program for yourself. 

But, if there is sufficient interest I will have the programmer that created this script for me make a generic, brandable version that you could host under any name you choose and design to have your own look. 

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