How to Make Money with Trend Marketing

I'm not a well known marketer. So, what do I do? I make money every single day. I never miss a beat. Ok... how do I do it? I keep my eyes open. 

I follow the media. I chase stories and make as much money from them as I can while they're still hot. That's what this report is about. I'm going to teach you one of my methods for riding the coat-tails of the media and making as much money as you can from the hottest stories in the world.

Before we get started, I want you to know that I made DAMN sure, there was no way I would lose money by telling you how to do this stuff. I've been doing this for over a year, and have had some very profitable months by simply watching and marketing to trends. This short report is about making 100's of dollars through hot stories and potentially 1000's of dollars per week. 

Sound like fun to you? Good. Let's get started.

Part 1 ­ Get Prepared

The word trend means to change. (at least one of the definitions means that) If you're going to be following trends to make money, you have to be prepared for any situation, story, or event because things change every minute second. If you are not prepared, you'll be left behind, while everyone else makes off with the treasure.

Sidenote: One of the easiest ways to make a lot of money by following trends is to be an affiliate publisher. You'll typically find Affiliate Networks that offer pay-per-lead campaigns, very beneficial for trend marketing, because these campaigns require less selling on your part, and are easy to implement quickly while you put together bigger offers.

1. Have several affiliate accounts with different networks.

The concept here is simple enough: If you have accounts with multiple affiliate networks, you have more choices of offers to promote when the time comes to actually make a choice. Some networks are huge, so becoming familiar with ALL of their offers can be very difficult. A good idea is to familiarize yourself with your Affiliate Manager at each network.
This will help you save time when a hot story comes out, because instead of rifling through offers, you just make a call to the AM (affiliate manager), tell him/her what you need, and they find the campaign for you. EASY! EXAMPLE: You just found out OJ Simpson was arrested AGAIN! What the Heck??!! There are thousands of people who love/hate OJ. 

What would be a good offer for the people who like him? What about the people who hate him? Call, instant message, or email your affiliate manager (AM) and ask. If one doesn't know... since you were prepared, just move to the next until you get the perfect offer.

2. Have multiple sources of news directly fed to you.

Since RSS came out, spotting trends or hot stories has become very easy. Why? Because once a story hits the wire, everyone is trying to push the info out faster than the other guy, and the easiest way to get news stories out is through email and RSS. Being prepared by having various RSS News feeds coming in ensures that you have the latest news from multiple sources to help you target different markets.

3. Finally, make sure you have several advertising methods in place at all times.

If you're going to get the word out, you need to have places to turn to for immediate exposure. Make sure you have a couple of different PPC (pay per click) accounts, maybe a CPM (cost per million) advertising method, and other techniques that you can use to drive curious trendy news readers to your offers. 

For instance, I like using YSM (Yahoo Search Marketing) for cheap .10 clicks campaigns that need a fast reaction from the Yahoo news hounds. Don't JUST rely on Google Adwords. You'll leave a lot of money on the table and competition will never be too far behind you. Ok. STAY PREPARED. 

Sound advice, right? Let's do a quick checklist before we go on to start hunting our hot news stories. PART 1 CHECKLIST: A) Go get accounts with several affiliate networks. I've listed several good ones below: 

B) Get RSS news feeds sent directly to you. 

Go to Yahoo, CNN or anyone else that offers RSS news feeds, and get signed up for their news. 

C) Go get set up with multiple forms of advertising.

Part 2: The Method
(Cooming Soon)

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