How to Make Money with Trend Marketing Full Guide

In this article i am going to explain you everything about making money with trade Marketing, This article is a second parts of my previous article which you can read here: How to Make Money with Trend Marketing

How to Make Money with Trend Marketing

Part 2 ­ The Method

A. Find Your Stories.

I mentioned earlier that you would need to tap into RSS feeds for major news outlets. This will keep you up to speed with hot news stories to take advantage of early while everyone else is trying to figure out how to make money from all the buzz. It will be very important to use timing to your advantage as much as possible.

My advice would be to find 5-10 of the highest traffic news related sites on the Internet and plug into their feeds. This will ensure that you're always alerted of new stories as they come out. 

Here are a few just to help you out. (Yahoo Featured too) ( (

All these are excellent, and there are hundreds more that you can get out there and find. The point here is to go to the top news sites, and get plugged into their feeds so that you don't have to surf for information. 

Ultimately you will find a way to automate a lot of things, so keep that in mind while you work. Also, if you have television, around 3-4pm, local news stations start talking about what's going to be on the news later on that day. Great source of information for you.

B. Get Keywords From Your Story

While you're investigating your hot news story, take the time to create a short keyword list as you read. What I mean is: note the words or phrases that are most likely to stand out to other readers, that they will potentially go search for. 

This is really easy to do. Here's an example: 


Possible Keywords: 
1. Elwood (dog's name) 
2. ugly dog 
3. ugliest dog 
4. world's ugliest dog 
5. Chinese Crested (type of dog) 
6. Karen Quigley (owner of dog) 
7. ugly dog contest 

If you know anything about keyword research, you'll know that there are 100s of ways to expand on these words to target even more niche visitors (and spend less money longer than your competition). 

If you do not know much about keyword research and want to get (what I think is) the best information on the subject, read this article.

I actually wrote my own some time ago, so that should tell you a lot. Sidenote: Even if you don't plan on using SEO, knowing how to do keyword research is very IMPORTANT. 

It will save/make you so much more money than being ignorant on the subject. One thing I always do when finding keywords is to use a misspelling tool. These things work like clockwork, because people are ALWAYS misspelling things. 

You can get a free misspelling tool here: FREE Keyword Misspelling Tool 
There's also the Google suggestion tool: FREE Google Suggestion Tool Link 

These are just a couple of (free) tools I highly recommend.

C. Find Out How Popular Your Story Is (Or Is Going To Be)

Once you have your stories' keywords, there's a very important tool provided by Google that will help you gauge the popularity (or ensuing popularity) of a particular story, and where the buzz is coming from. 

Here's a link to the Google trends tool: 

Sidenote: There is a top 100 of the hottest search for stories on Google, which, if you can keep up with, can make you a WHOLE lot of money. It's a little gem that not everyone knows about and, even better for you, almost no one knows how to make money with it. If you find any of your keywords in this top 10 or top 100 lists, find a killer offer and jump into the advertising phase ASAP! 

Another very important part of this tool is the listings of news articles and blog posts to show you where the buzz for your story is coming from. 

Here are a few other places to find news buzz: 

If it looks like there's a growing trend in searches for your story or your story's main keywords, obviously the sooner you put yourself out there, the sooner you'll be getting the traffic. 

We'll revisit this in a moment, but for now, the important thing for you to understand is where the buzz is coming from. Another way to see what kind of social buzz is working it's way through your story is by going to or and searching some of your keywords there. 

Depending on the size of the sites and/or blogs that are already reporting on your story, these two websites will help you to determine the spike in searches and the amount of traffic you can expect to show your promotions to.

D. Create Offers For Your Story

Other than cashing the checks, this is my favorite part of the trend marketing process. I told you in an earlier section to be sure you've got access to multiple affiliate networks, and can communicate with your affiliate manager. 

This is why: If you only have accounts with 1 or 2 affiliate networks, and a red hot story comes out that neither of network has an advertiser for, you're either S.O.L., or scrambling to put something together and taking away from time to focus on things like writing a killer ad. 

Plus, the longer it takes you to put an offer together, the more competitors you could be up against (and the more money it could cost you). Now, find an advertiser who's campaign matches your story the best and get set up to promote them. 


If your story is moving quickly, I would go after a Pay Per Lead campaign, where the advertiser will pay you for lead submissions by your visitors. These are typically the quickest to set up and usually convert really well. 

EXAMPLE: Story ­ World's Ugliest Dog I would try to find an expensive pet product that could be given away free to the reader if they fill in enough offers. (and you get paid for the email or zip code submission) 

Usually you can find these campaigns that pay 2-5 bucks per lead. There are all types of promotions you can find. 

There are some pay-persale campaigns out there that pay extremely well. Once you've chosen your campaign(s), let's make a landing page that will speak to the people who are going to be searching for your story. This is where the information from Google Trends and other tools come back into play. Remember when we found out where the buzz from our story was coming from?

Let's take a look:

If you don't know much about Blogs or social media, the thing to understand (especially as a trend marketer) is that the readers are going to post their comments on the story. This is what you need to be reading when creating a landing page for your offer. 

By reading the comments of blogs or news stories that allow users to post feedback, you will get an idea of the questions the target audience have, as well as their thoughts and opinions of the story. 

This is PURE GOLD!

You can use this information to craft the offer that nobody can refuse, turning your traffic into guaranteed interested parties. 


So, let's use our ugly dog for an example of how this would work: Let's say that there are tons of people that are saying the dog is not really ugly, but that it's adorable. 

Your offer is S-I-M-P-L-E 

All you have to do is create a landing page with a picture of the dog with the headline `DO YOU THINK ELWOOD IS THE UGLIEST DOG? VOTE NOW AND RECEIVE A $500 PETSMART (or whatever) GIFTCARD FREE!' 

Underneath the picture put a yes button and a no button that once clicked, takes the user to your advertiser's lead capture page. BAM! Is it easy? Yes. Does it work? Well, I've made $300 today using this exact landing page. Once you have your landing page created, you'll need to go get a domain name for your website. 

I would go to because everything seems to work faster there. Get a domain name with a keyword in the name. 


I buy .info domains for this type of promo for 2 reasons:
1. People searching are looking for information, and .info looks less salesy. 
2. .info domains are only $2. 

Once you have the domain name, you can either have it redirect to your site or get hosting set up and have the domain point to the site. Choice is yours. The fast and SMART way to do this would be to use yahoo's web hosting where you can get a free domain name and $7.77/month hosting. Here's a link to get set up: 

YAHOO WEB HOSTING AND FREE DOMAIN Ok, now you've got an offer and a landing page. Let's get some traffic coming in and start making some CASH!

E. Drive Traffic To Your Website

This part is very simple. You'll mostly use PPC (pay per click) marketing for these types of promotions, until you get a buzz site working. (More on this in a NOT FREE training program. haha) If the story is `Featured' on Yahoo, make sure to utilize Yahoo's search. 

Same with MSN, AOL or anywhere else, there's a featured story attached to a search engine. If the story looks like it may last a while, buying up some banner ads could be useful, along with other favorite marketing techniques. 

The best thing you can do for yourself, when buying search engine advertising for your promotion, is to see if there's already competition on your keywords, and if there's not, bid as low as possible. 

For an hour today I was getting $.01 clicks and my EPC (earnings per click) WAS $1.25 (I spent $1.25 to make $125). If you're not familiar with Pay Per Click, there's a TON of information about it online. I'm not going to try to explain it in this short report, as it goes WAYYYY beyond our scope. 

Just remember, bid low for as long as you can and put as many keywords as you can into your ad campaigns. Another good way to advertise is to go back to those blogs we found on Google trends and Technorati and post links.

Try not to be a spammer... if you have the time, contribute a little opinion or thought. Soon enough you'll have your own news site for keeping up with this kind of thing. \


1. Find a hot story 
2. Get keywords from your story 
3. Research Story Buzz Sources & Popularity 
4. Create Your Offer 
5. Drive Traffic To Your Offer

I hope your learned some good stuff in this article
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