How to Run a Successful Multilevel Marketing Business Full Guide

The Promises

Promise: Just find three people who find three people who find three people and you will make a million dollars this year! Promise: Look at these beautiful pictures of yachts and houses... They can ALL can be yours! 
Promise: Your upline will build your business for you! 
Promise: Work with us and have the financial freedom to quit you J.O.B in three months! Promise: Just sign up today and pay your $14.95 and we'll do all the work!

How to Run a Successful Multilevel Marketing Business

How many times have you heard these overblown promises presented to you by the latest and greatest Multi Level Marketing company? If you are like most internet marketers, you have heard this story many, many times before. 

You have played the "MLM game" and, sadly, you have probably either lost money at it or if you were lucky you made a couple of measly bucks for long hours of toil in front of your computer. In fact, if you are like MOST internet marketer, you haven't just lost money once or twice to some MLM pipe dream, you have probably lost money dozens of times! We're going to come back to those promises listed above in a little while. Understanding those promises and what they are really selling is what you are going to need to understand in order to make $100/day promoting MLM. This chapter is going to outline and detail 3 strategies that have been TESTED and PROVEN to work to generate some significant income in a few different online MLM companies. You could duplicate these strategies exactly in order to build a business for yourself in just about any MLM company out there. Or, you can analyze these successful strategies to get yourself thinking outside the box so you can come up with a new concept of your own.

But before we get into the strategies, I feel it is my absolute duty to present a couple of cold, hard facts that you need to know if you are going to play the "MLM Game."

The Facts

FACT: 95-99% of participants in ANY MLM company will suffer financial LOSS! 
FACT: Your odds of winning at a single spin of a roulette wheel in Las Vegas are GREATER than your odds of pulling a profit in an MLM company! 

Please read those facts out loud to yourself at least 5 times! I'm serious about that. So many internet marketers get caught up in the MLM game and overlook the fact that they are playing with a system that is NOT designed to work in their favor. 

Those marketers buy into the false promises and dreams rather than looking at the facts they need to know if they want to build a real business. What's worse, our attention span for any given MLM program is usually very short. It becomes so easy for us to leave a program we were just starting to get familiar with because there is some hot new program that just launched and you MAY have the opportunity to "get in at the top." 


I challenge you to take a good hard look at the facts. If you are going to work in MLM, you have to make certain that you end up in the top 1% of people doing it. Otherwise, you would do much better to choose a different method from this ebook to generate your $100/day. The only way to actually make some money in online MLM programs is to STOP buying into the dreams and promises. Instead, start understanding WHY the promises are there and formulate a PLAN to capitalize on the mindset that all MLMers are buying into. Stop playing the game and start building a serious-minded business! OK, 

let's get started...

Understanding the MLM Mindset

In order for you to generate income in an MLM company, it is imperative that you fully understand the mindset of the average MLM marketer because that is who your market really is. Think about it for a minute. What is an MLM company actually selling? They lead you to believe that it is whatever product they have to offer. But the truth is that they are selling the Promises and the Dream. 

The front sales page of any MLM company's website will almost always show you pictures of the new lifestyle you could acquire if you join them - NOT the benefits of their product! Let's look once more at the Promises. If you distill them to one basic promise, what are they really offering? Basically, they promise that you can get rich without doing much work. 

That right there is what any MLM company is really selling ­ the dream that you can get rich without doing much work. 

So, what does this mean for you? Well, if the company itself is focused on selling this IDEA, shouldn't YOU be focused on that as well? I am not saying that you should make false and misleading promises in order to build a downline. But you should understand that it is an idea that you are promoting and not necessarily a product. 

The MLM company will lead you to believe that you should promote their product. Let's say it is a health drink. You could try to build a business by getting into the health and fitness niche. But, what will this get you? You might get lucky and develop a customer base. But most likely, you are not an expert on health and fitness so breaking into the niche will be very difficult. 

Even if you DO get a customer base, if you are not attracting other people who might be interested in joining your MLM business then you are not maximizing the potential of your MLM. You would do much better to see your target market for what it is ­ other MLM marketers!

Find Your True Target Market

And who exactly are the other MLM marketers that you should be trying to sell to? Well, if MLM companies are promising a dream of riches without much work, then who exactly is buying into that dream? I would bet that for the most part it is going to be a slew of people who are new to the world of internet marketing and think that building an MLM program is going to be the quickest and easiest way for them to build a business. 

These people  probably do not have many skills relevant to working online. They have never made a website, built a list or created their own splash page. They were drawn to MLM in the first place because they thought it would be an easy way to get started. They learned how to put the URL of their company with their affiliate link into the Traffic Exchanges, and they are keeping their fingers crossed that they can get a referral or two that way. 

My friend, those people right there are YOUR market! If you can supply something that THOSE PEOPLE NEED, then you will have found your method for building a downline in ANY MLM Company! A while back, I interviewed Paula Zuehlke, owner of the top ranked traffic exchange Hit Safari. Here is what she had to say based on her experience as a traffic exchange owner: 

I have seen hundreds if not thousands of exciting new product launches on my exchanges. It always amazes me that EVERYONE promoting the launch uses the same splash pages to do it. Marketers need to get creative and find their own ways to build a program. Otherwise all they are really doing is helping their company to brand itself, not building their own business! 

If you can provide these people with a way out of the mainstream methods of promoting, a way for some of them to distinguish themselves from the masses, you will be providing an extremely valuable service and you will have MLMers signing up for your downline in droves! OK, let's quickly break down the mindset of the average MLM marketer (also known as YOUR target market!):

Little-to-no technical skills. Wants an easy-to-use system. Wants to follow a leader to achieve success. Does not have a way to stand out from the crowd. Hopes for riches, but doesn't really know how to accomplish that goal.

So, if we can just find a way to fill these needs, we can tap into this market and build a successful business. That is the key understanding what you need to have if you hope to achieve success in MLM promotion.

I would even venture to say that if you stay in the herd, that is, just keep doing what everybody else is doing, and do not start providing a solution to those needs, there is no chance at all that you will be successful in MLM.
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