Multi Level Marketing team Building Strategies

My friend Anna Denise Wilson is an amazing example of someone who has taken the principles I have outlined for you here and made them work in a remarkable way! Anna Denise has recently seen some amazing success in an MLM company using her unique "Give Back" method.

Multi Level Marketing team Building

I asked Anna Denise to do a short interview for this guide because her methods are quite unique, they work well, and you could easily do them yourself ­ no website or technical skills required! 

Here's the interview: 

"Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?" 

"I have been working online for about 2 and a half years. I have lived in Florida most of my life. I'm married with two teenage boys and three dogs! By day I am an Operations Manager at a large insurance company." 

"How do you select a particular MLM company to work with?" 

"I check to see if the owner has run other MLM's and has a good reputation; review financials if available; check for a physical location, phone, fax and email address." 

"Where and how do you promote the companies that you join?" 

"Primarily through forums by starting a topic giving a full description of the program, pay plan, info on owners if available, etc. Also advertise via paid solo ads, upgraded lists and occasionally traffic exchanges if it is a new program."

"Can you talk a little bit about your strategies when you are participating in a forum?"

"Forum marketing plays a primary role in my promotions. One of our team starts the topic, then we make sure to give frequent updates, answer questions, share successes of members and assist with problems members may have." 

"Can you explain some of your unique business-building ideas and strategies?" 

"I prefer to work in a team environment. Recently the programs I have had the most success with involve a one time cost instead of a monthly subscription. I typically require that my team members reinvest 15-25% of earnings into the program to assure all members earn instead of only those at the top. Part of the building involves benefactoring others into the programs with some of these reinvested positions, running promotions offering a few positions in raffles to new sign-ups, having contests, offering free advertising coop positions or full positions in the MLM, and I assist by buying additional positions under other members that still need referrals that are working and making an effort. 

I prefer a Next-In-Line type team build with the choice to bring in your own referrals, or get referrals in the order the new member joins the program. Advertising is still typically done by the team on an individual basis, but sometimes we request a minimal contribution to do some advertising." 

"That is interesting that you require your downline members to give a portion of their earnings back to the team. Do you find that people actually "play by the rules?" How can you enforce this? How do you think this helps you build out the program you are working with?" 

"When we require this we have found people do play by the rules, or opt to get out of the team build. We cannot enforce this since we have no access to their earnings. But, we do state that no more members will be placed under them and we will no longer assist them in any way. We all work so closely together that none want to be publicly embarrassed on a forum either. We actually tend to have the opposite problem now, members give back more! I am on teams where we make this optional. That does not work. You get a few doing all the giving." 

"What do you mean by a Next-In-Line system?"

"We place referrals under people in the order that they join. Many programs require you have two personal referrals under you to earn. When people want to join, we tell them the URL to sign up under, if the system has an automatic forwarding system that works with our team build on that program, everyone signs up under the same link, and the system goes to the next person needing a referral. If it is manual we send people the URL to sign up under and add them to the list. In some programs we give people the choice of bringing in their own referrals or using the Next-In-Line system. This has brought in some big builders that join under one of our URL's but then build their own team within our team." 

"That is a great idea to hold contests and raffles. Can you explain one of the contests that you ran and what the results were in terms of building out your downline in the program?" "One raffle contest last week was done to give new people signing up a chance for an additional position and to get our next member cycled. We ran it for the time it would take us to get that particular member cycled out of the program to get their earnings, in this case, $8,000.00. It took us approximately one week to cycle this person from the stage in the program they were at. People got excited, were joining so they could have a chance of winning, and enjoyed the fun posts and interest on the forum with all of us trying to get this person cycled. 

Therefore, we get new members buying a position, then they learn about us, tell their friends, bring in more people, etc. When people find out they have won, there is more public recognition with more interest created. We have used our reinvestment positions to fund these raffles rather than keeping the reinvestment position under our own name." 

"How do you keep the team build organized?" 

"If the program does not have an automatic forwarding feature, we do this by hand or in excel spreadsheets." "Once you have built up a team, what do you do to keep them motivated and working?" "Offer continuous positive reinforcement, give assistance and instruction on which forums work well for us and encourage all to assist in advertising and posting in forums, offer raffles and contests with free positions as prizes for incentives, share the successes of our members and keep everyone updated on any changes to the program."

"What words of advice do you have for an MLM marketer who is just getting started? How can they be sure to be in the top 5% of MLMers so that they can profit from MLM rather than just acquire losses?" "Join several online business forums, get to know the team players and leaders by posting and asking questions. There are many introductory ebooks and course that will give you the basics as regards terminology internet marketers use and means of advertising online. These are good to review to give you some general knowledge. Most experienced marketers love to assist others that show an interest. Try to join programs that work in team builds and require reinvestment to assure all members earn. Set a budget and stay in it."


Both of my methods listed in this guide, along with the method outlined in the interview, have an innovative strategy in play. The commonality among them is that they provide a unique system for team building, and also a personal touch of guidance. Choose any one of these systems, recreate it, and you will see success in MLM. 

Or, get to understand the principles and come up with a new idea that serves the needs of MLMers. Most of all, just take action, but take big action. Remember, unless you are shooting to be in the top 1% of all MLMers, you would do better to put your eggs in a different basket. 

Yes, the MLM game can pay off, and it can pay off big, but only if you formulate a strategy and go for it! Michael Badger is a professional website developer and performing artist. He has worked in Internet marketing since 2005 with a focus on developing systems that help his entire membership succeed in their own marketing careers.

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