Multilevel Marketing Strategies for Creating System

Method #2 ­ So Simple It's Hardly A Method!

This method was one that I discovered almost by accident. It is so simple to set up with a tiny little bit of PHP. I am NOT a programmer but was able to write the little piece of necessary code myself (and I offer it to you here for free!)

Multilevel Marketing Strategies

I saw a program I wanted to promote. Having realized from my successful campaign with Method #1 that I needed to provide help to other people, I decided to try a little experiment. I created the following splash page that promised people I would help them build their downline:

Multilevel Marketing Strategies
Just fill out the form below, and we will place you under a member of our team.When people join after you, the will be placed under YOU!

Underneath this page was a small signup form where you could enter your name and email address (using any free formmail script ­ your hosting company usually provides you with one). Once you hit submit, this information was emailed to me. I would then email you back with the affiliate link of one of the people in my downline. You would join under them, and then the next person who joined our campaign would be placed under you. 

I did this at first just to see if there would be any interest. All I did was place the splash page on a few Traffic Exchanges. 

I had over 100 people signup in about 24 hours!!!! 

OK, now I knew this would work so I took it to the next level. At first it was just me promoting this splash page, but what if everyone who joined the campaign was able to promote the splash page and benefit from it directly?

That could create a viral explosion. I just had to try it! :-) So, I added a tiny piece of PHP code to the splash page. This piece of additional code went into the formmail area of the html. It made it so that my downline members could have copies of the splash page as well. 

When someone filled in the form from one of my downline member's splash pages I would know who had obtained the referral and I would make sure to put that new referral in that person's downline. 

For example, let's say that Sally was one of the people in my downline. Sally could promote the splash page URL like this: Then, when someone saw Sally's splash page and signed up, I would receive an email with the new person's name and email address, and the fact that they had been referred by Sally. I would then send that new person Sally's affiliate link so they could sign up under her for the program we were building. 

This took maybe two minutes to set up. I emailed the members about the change, and they started promoting right away. It worked just like I had hoped. Within days we had over a thousand people signed up in the MLM program ­ ALL of them in my downline. 

Here is the PHP code you would insert into the formmail area of your html: 

<input type="hidden" name="ref" value="<?php echo $_GET['ref']; ? >"/> 

Then, anyone can promote your splash page with "?ref=TheirName" at the end of the URL. You will know who referred anyone to that splash page when they sign up. It is the simplest little affiliate script on the planet! 

This was a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants campaign and one thing just led to another. It all happened very quickly. In about three days I was receiving more signups than I could keep up with. 

So, I went to a programmer that I found online and told him how I was manually running my campaign. It took him about a day to make what I was doing an automated process so that I was freed from having to keep track of everything. 

The script he wrote for me cost about $70 and freed me from having to do any manual work for the campaign at all! I think that a lot of people are afraid of dealing with programmers and developing scripts. It is not hard and the payoff, particularly in MLM, is huge! All you have to do is write up how you envision what you need. You then send it to a programmer (or post it on Odesk or Scriptlance). 

The programmer you work with will ask you questions that you had not thought of, and then they will get to work and deliver your script to you, usually in a few days. 

If you are going to work in MLM, you need to think outside the box and create systems for people to follow. Try developing a script once. Once you have done it, the process really won't be as scary a prospect! 

But, if you still don't want to develop a website and script to manage your MLM campaign, there is still another option. This brings us to method #3.

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