Now, in this Article, I want to talk about a way of creating these websites that completely cuts out all this keyword research. That's right, I've taught you all this great stuff in my recent blog post and now I'm going to show you a method where you can pretty much forget about keyword research.. Smart huh?

Let's talk about one of my favourite things: Cashing in on a product name. `Cause man, there ain't nothing' sweeter...

How to Create Affiliate website and Make Money online

High conversions from laser targeted visitors who are very eager to buy No keyword research necessary (since you already know the keywords)  And if you find a gem then competition can often be surprisingly low too.

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What do I mean that you already know the keywords? Well, obviously people are going to be searching for the product name and the related keywords which in my experience are, for any product:

Domain name ­ (google or for example)
Product name
Product name review
Product name scam
Product name bonus (if it's an internet marketing product)

The visitors are also much more likely to convert because they're either looking for the merchant's website (which they'll easily be able to access through your highly visible affiliate links) or a final review before they purchase ­ Something your site will also offer with a quality review.

And finally, competition is rarely that high. Excluding Clickbank products where competition can be fierce. (although you'll probably still rank above 99% of marketers).

But if you want to create sites around a product name then you need to start thinking beyond Clickbank... because there's massive demand for thousands of products which aren't even on Clickbank (physical and info products) that you can cash in on through a variety of networks or independent programs.

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There are some disadvantages to building sites around specific products though:
Ranking can sometimes be tough since it's often saturated with Marketer with the same idea as you.

Some merchants don't allow it. It's their opinion that if a user is searching for the product name that they don't need affiliates to `close' the sale anymore.

But most crucially: Your site lives and dies with the product. Your website will be directly dependant on the efforts of other affiliates to create demand for it. And for short-lived products (many) you'll only see a return on your efforts for a few months rather than years with the traditional websites.

This last point could also be seen as a benefit though, since other affiliates are doing all the work for you by getting "the word out" about the product, and you're just stepping in at the last minute to get credit for the sale...

Making a site exclusively about a product name is the good way to make some quick, almost guaranteed cash, but don't only do this. Most of my sites are targeting `normal' keywords using the strategies mentioned earlier.

Still, I HIGHLY recommend you give this a shot and it's certainly proved a very profitable strategy for me in the past.

Tip: If you're not sure where to start and want to make your first few bucks online quickly. Then read the rest of this guide, find a product name, and create a website about it. It really is the EASIEST way to make money... EVER.

So, that's it! In this blog post, we've looked at a hell of a lot of stuff. You should now know exactly what your site is going to be about and what keyword you're going to target. Now You need to build the website (Which you will learn in my next blog post).
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