PPV/CPV Advertising

PPV/CPV is an online advertising model that displays advertisements in either a pop-up, pop-under or interstitial ad. Advertisers are charged on a per view basis. PPV/CPV is generally perceived as interruption marketing, as a result click-through rates are usually low. Despite that fact CPV is a favorite advertising method for many top afliate marketers and brands.
PPV/CPV Networks
Advertising Network
Individual Keyword and URL-
Through our exclusive online bidding system
Keyword-level Conversion Tracking-
optimization means better metrics
Geo-Targetting-region, country or language-
we get the volume to you
Bid/Traffic/Spend Reporting Tools-
detailed reports make quick analysis sweet
Multiple Channels of Traffic-
Contextual Pops, New Tabs, and Shopping
For the same spend as search-engine marketing, Media Traffic delivers more:
Visitors, Visibility, Return on Investment, Pricing model
Pricing model:
Advertising Network
Create Highly Targeted campaigns to drive relevant traffic to your site
Use Broad Targeted campaigns to drive relevant traffic and volume to your site.
Use RON campaigns to drive volume to sites with mass appeal.
Domestic and International Traffic
Drive targeted traffic from USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia. Other popular countries include: Spain, Italy, Brazil, New Zealand, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland & Russia.
Trafficvance is the leading Contextual Textlink and Display Advertising Platform. It delivers high quality traffic to advertisers through a winning combination of high performing ad units, granular targeting, competitive pricing, and multiple optimization capabilities.
Dramatically Increase ROI
Take control of your advertisements to increase your ROI. Specific targeting means your ads are seen by the right people. Target keywords, URLs, or geographical locations.
Extend Your Reach
We have compiled the largest live domain database in the world to help advertisers target those hard to find domains. Our publisher base has millions of opt in users ensuring that advertisers will get plenty of quality visitors.
Economical Pricing
Try our advanced Self serve bidding platform that is open 24/7. Bids begin at an extremely affordable $0.004 USD.
Contextual Advertising
  •  Precisely reach your ideal audience
  •  Automatically scan keywords and deliver targeted ads
  •  Achieve higher click through rate and conversions
Programmatic Advertising
  • Leverage big data to optimize campaigns
  • Track and analyze visitors' behavior for targeted ads
  • Effort-free campaign management system
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