Today I wished to presenting about a remarkable brand-new Software application from James Knight called “Link Rocket” that is a REQUIREMENT HAVE.
James has actually transformed $3924 utilizing this fantastic Software in only 1 week.
Every affiliate marketing expert undergoes the same point.
You can’t decide which CPA Deal or Affiliate Offer to send your traffic to. You pick the deal that pays the greatest quantity, assuming that you’re willing to make a load of money and …
You cannot find out why you didn’t make any sort of sales. Or in some cases also Zero sales.
So there was a method to split examination each deal to find the one that ideal converts, and send out all your traffic to that deal.
Well, now you can conveniently send your traffic to the greatest paying offers will bit to no effort.
I’ve used the software program to my own online strategies in it over the last number of weeks on Facebook and in my Email Lists and am getting lots of conversions of my CPA and Affiliate offers!
Right here are some crazy points you can do with Link Rocket:.
  • Conveniently send your traffic to the highest paying CPA Offers.
  • Advertise CPA and Affiliate Offers and hide your hyperlinks so you do not shed commissions.
  • Set up the software, and have it running within merely mins of downloading it.
  • Heaps of individuals are getting outcomes with it, provide it a look.
How to Setup
I will take you step by step in the process from installing the CPA
Dominator plugin, to setup and configuration.
Installing the Link Rocket Plugin:
To install the plugin, make sure you are running the latest version of Wordpress, and
perform the following steps:
  • Login to you administration backend (typical /wp-admin)
  • Click on plugins
  • Click on add new
  • Click on choose file
  • Locate the file that contains the plugin that you downloaded from the
  • members section.
  • Click install plugin.
  • When you receive the message Plugin Successfully installed, please click on activate plugin.
Using the plugin:
To use the plugin, please click on Pages, Add new page to the right and perform the
following steps:
Give the page a title
  • Enter your keywords in the page text area
  • Activate Link Rocket by setting it to “on” in the Link Rocket Menu to the Right
  • Enter your affiliate link, or the link you would like it to forward to
  • Click Publish
  • Optimal: You can preview the page you just created.
  • you would like the offer to be shown.
  • Congratulations, your plugin is now installed and working.

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